The Promiscuity Passages

I fucked the Landlord

"Hi!", he said, and flashed a boyish, somewhat lopsided grin, a contradiction to the sprinkling of white that was starting to show in his¬†seductive goatee and stubble. The sleeves of his button down shirt were rolled up to his elbows with casual precision, setting the tone of his overall appearance. "Sorry I'm late; I missed… Continue reading I fucked the Landlord

Reevaluating Values

Pull your dress down

Growing up, I was very¬†familiar with the phrase, "Pull your dress down, keep your knees together". This is the phrase that mothers (grandmothers, aunts, any random woman, and...oh, vomit, sometimes even dads) use to tell little girls that they are showing too much leg. This commandment was drilled into my mind from (probably) the day… Continue reading Pull your dress down