tbt Writing Prompts

Senior Photo Flashbacks

It’s been said that a picture says a thousand words. What do yours say?

Pull out your high school senior photos and write! Take some time to write about the person you were in your late teens. Describe the person you see in your HS senior photos.

Describe your hair, your eyes, and those thoughts you would never have dreamed of whispering to anyone as you were coming of age and entering adulthood.

My writing:

My hair is past my butt and very unmanageable. I have a routine for taming it. Usually, I pull it back tightly, twisting it into an acceptable bun, and hair spraying the hell out of it. On this particular day, the day of my senior photos, I doused my long mane with enough hair products that it would have stood straight up if I’d wanted it to. My teeth are shiny with the silver of my braces, but I’m still smiling. The smile doesn’t reach my eyes though, too self conscious to relax and have fun. There is a darkness in my eyes, a deadness. I had been trying to mask the fear and shame for a long time, hiding it behind a demeanor of brisk confidence, barely covering a seething, fiery rage. There was a shadow creeping over all of this, a shadow of doubt. A doubt of fervently upheld childhood beliefs. A doubt of everything I knew. And a doubt of myself.

I was taught that without Christ, I am nothing. To doubt him is to choose nothingness. If I am nothing, then what is there to lose?


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