tbt Writing Prompts

Baby Album Gold Mine

It’s been said that a picture says a thousand words. What do yours say?

Pull out your baby album and write! Flip through your baby album or pull out a baby picture. Take some time to write about yourself as a baby/toddler. Describe yourself.

  • Hair color and texture… eyes… were you chubby? tall? did you have a button nose or a pouty smile?
  • Next, write about your personality. Who were you as a  child? Wild? Sweet and sensitive? Mischievous?
  • Finally, what similarities can you draw between your physical appearance and your personality?

My writing:

I was born with long, thick, dark locks and a penchant for skirting the rules. Insatiable curiosity sparkled in my eyes. My chubby cheeks became even more round when I giggled and flashed that infectious grin. My intelligent but endearing ways won the hearts of those around me. As I grew, my hair also grew, fluttering in the wind in wispy little ringlets, always in my face, as wild and untameable as my spirit. When the sun shone on my tresses, they reflected back golden flecks of my essence and those wispy, twirly locks exposed a tangled web of emotions.


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