The Promiscuity Passages

I fucked the Landlord

“Hi!”, he said, and flashed a boyish, somewhat lopsided grin, a contradiction to the sprinkling of white that was starting to show in his seductive goatee and stubble. The sleeves of his button down shirt were rolled up to his elbows with casual precision, setting the tone of his overall appearance. “Sorry I’m late; I missed a turn.” I felt slightly intimidated as his presence dominated the room. “I see you met the roommate? Let me show you the room.” I had just flown into the city the night before and had a hotel booked for a week. He was renting a room and I needed to find a permanent home soon.

After a tour of the house, we sat down at the dining table in the bay window. “Would you like a drink? I’ll make you a cocktail with shit vodka and lemon lime soda.” “Yes, please. ” I need something to loosen me up. We sat across from each other and he started firing questions at me. “Where are you from? What are your hobbies? What do you like to watch on Netflix? …” Shit, I didn’t know this was gonna be like a job interview. “I, umm, I’m not sure. Well, I guess, umm…” I stumbled through my answers which only served to fuel his teasing. As he continued to toy with me, his steady gaze always on me, I found it hard to resist his magnetism.

Before long, his rapid-fire questions, the cocktails I continued to down, and my empty stomach got the best of me and I started to brown out.


The sun was starting to come up when we went outside to hot tub again. I remembered that I had told my sext buddy that I would let him know how it went and that I was still alive. I sent him a text telling him that I got the room and we were in the hot tub again. His terse reply, “You spent the night? You fucked the Landlord, didn’t you?



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