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Stuck…or in the Liminal Space?


The proverbial hamster wheel.
Going nowhere.
Doing nothing.



the dream

in a car.
going too fast.
Being chased.
A Curve.
Can’t slow down.
Hurtling off into the abyss.
Wake up.
Just a dream.
Still panicked.
Stay awake.
Don’t go back.

I wrote Stuck about six weeks before the dream. I was feeling stuck and trying to define what stuck meant for me. It wasn’t until after the dream that I learned about “The Liminal Space”. As I read about it and began to understand the concept, I felt an intense glow resonating throughout my being.

Liminal comes from the Latin word for threshold or “any place or point of entering or beginning”. 

What the liminal space means to me

Moving forward.
A place for deep emotions to surface.


I realized that I’m not stuck! I’m on the threshold of something new. The last chapter of my life has closed and I am on that blank page before the next one starts. When I hurtled into the abyss in my dream, I was dreaming about liminal space! My past life is behind me and my future awaits.

There is still a feeling of tension, but it is less panicky. I am moving forward. That doesn’t make the liminal space any easier. It’s a hard place to be. It’s like being at an airport, leaving behind everything you knew, and not knowing where you are going. When I started this post, I was wondering around the airport aimlessly, worried that I would miss my flight. But now I know that I am just waiting until I run across the correct flight. As long as I stay open and try out possibilities, I will find my flight. And when I land, I will be in another airport, another liminal space. In the meantime, I’ll grab a drink and bite to eat, maybe talk to the bartender or my fellow travelers.


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