Reevaluating Values

Rethinking Easter

The One had three leaders under him and each leader ran a division with a different specialty; the warriors, the messengers, and the musicians. The leader of the musicians rebelled and the One threw the rebel and all of his followers into a fiery pit.

The One decided to make a little paradise, a “heaven on earth”. In this paradise, The One put two people and gave them a choice, “follow me and you will live forever, worshiping me, or follow the Rebel and you will forever live in the fiery pit with him and all of his followers.

The two people chose knowledge over obedience and eternal life and were cursed forever. Because of their disobedience, they had to take the life of another being in order to live forever. The people’s decedents didn’t always follow this command and the One all but destroyed their world many times.

The One decided to try a new tactic. He became a man himself and offered up his own body as the sacrifice. Since he was not really a man, death didn’t last long and he again went back to his judgment seat where he will watch and wait before taking his followers away to be with him before destroying the earth and sending all the rebels to the fiery pit, forever.


This is the Easter story, in a nutshell, that I was raised to believe. A cruel, vengeful god who calls himself love.


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