Reevaluating Values

Pull your dress down

Growing up, I was very familiar with the phrase, “Pull your dress down, keep your knees together”. This is the phrase that mothers (grandmothers, aunts, any random woman, and…oh, vomit, sometimes even dads) use to tell little girls that they are showing too much leg. This commandment was drilled into my mind from (probably) the day I was born. Skirts should fall below the knee, sleeves are a requirement and necklines must never, ever show any amount of boobage. It was called modesty, which according to is synonymous with words like: decency, purity, virtue, bashfulness, celibacy, chastity, constraint, delicacy, discreetness, and innocence.

If it’s so hard for little girls (and sometimes little adults, too) to keep their legs from showing when wearing a skirt, why aren’t pants encouraged? In the strict cult-like christian community in which I was raised, pants are not only discouraged on women but are actually forbidden. Why? Because a) they are men’s clothes and b) they show off the genitals. Confused yet? Because I sure as hell am. Fashions have changed throughout the centuries so I guess this rule is based on current fashion trends? Or trends from the last century, rather. The part about genitals…do they realize that men have stuff down there, too? I like to see what a guy’s got going on down there…Are men allowed to be less modest?

I remember my former pastor preaching about this issue. He used the “humorous” example that he would never wear a skirt because that would be weird. Ummmm, yeah, it’s not normal for a woman to wear a skirt everyday, either, in our society. I remember being called “the girl who always wears a skirt” on the bus in elementary school. Even at that young age, the other kids could pick me out as being weird. Even at that young age, I was identified as my clothing rather than as me.

I’m proud to say that I no longer wear clothes that make me look matronly. I wear my low cut tops and my skintight pants with pride.


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